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Alluring Nevada

It is not a big secret that Nevada is one of the most thrilling, attractive, spotlit and flaring states of USA. Every year the vast majority of all American tourists come there to try their luck, feel the spirit of big game and forget all troubles for a while. There are a lot of beautiful places in Nevada and one of them is Paradise.


Town of Paradise has been created in December 1950 as an unincorporated city. After that, in 1951 and the following year, two variants of Paradise took place: the first was 'A' Town of Paradise and later was named Winchester while the second correspondingly was 'B' and remained Paradise. In 1973 Citizen's Advisory Council was created by the BCC. The contemporary boundaries were given to the town in 1976.


Location - Southwestern Nevada, near Las Vegas

Paradise is still the biggest unincorporated non co-extensive community in the US

The population is approximately 186,070. Families - 85,500.

The land area of the city - 42,5sq ml; there is no water surface in Paradise.

Paradise - Washington DC distance is more than 2000 miles; the distance between city in question and the capital of NV state is 330 miles.


Las Vegas International airport is located in Paradise.

The Las Vegas Strip lies within Paradise and Winchester. Thus, 19 from 25 world`s biggest hotels are located on the strip.


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