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Joseph Jagger and Roulette

Online roulette has become an entertaining pastime in every home of casino gambler. There are lots of sprouting sites these days, so majority of the people gamble without living their homes. It is difficult to believe, but just some decades ago people could gamble only visiting casino and obviously there were no such freebies William Hill bingo bonus code 2013. Online casinos appeared only in 1994, and before that time all gamblers could play at brick and mortar houses, or some illegal gambling rooms.

The choice of the gambling games has not almost changes, especially traditional ones: blackjack, poker, roulette, craps, and lotteries. Some of these games have been played at casinos for more than a century. Roulette is one of these games. Moreover, roulette is one of the games, with which the first facts of huge winnings and cheating are connected.

Probably one of the most-known events in roulette history, as well as in casino history, is the breaking of the bank in Monte Carlo…

The Man Who Broke the Bank in Monte Carlo

Joseph Jagger is known to be the man who broke the bank in Monte Carlo. He became famous and well-known in roulette because of his ability to beat the roulette using the biased wheels. He was an English engineer and a mechanic by profession. This man was born in an English village in 1830 and he started out in the field of roulette in 1873. Since then he started out in the roulette field and he never stopped until he discovered the relation of engineering and mechanics in roulette.

He decided to check on some facts about the roulette and he even hired clerks to help him out in finding out how to win playing a roulette game. His clerks were sent to observe the real roulette wheels at different casinos in Monte Carlo. They had been observing the working of the roulette wheel to discover how winners were able to win in a game. With this information, Joseph Jagger was able to find out the results of each winning round, and he had made a conclusion about it too. He made a conclusion that he called “biased wheel”. According to his records, at some wheel the some numbers won more times than other. He continued to observe those wheels and he notices, that they worked incorrectly. Because of some deviations in the mechanics of the roulette wheel, ball dropped in pockets from the same area. So he decided to tried play those tables. The results were amazing! He could win more and more, but once it was noticed, that each time he enters some of the casinos, it goes bankrupt. He played more and more and in result he became of the most-winning players in all times.

Biased wheels today can be hardly found at casinos, especially in online ones, as modern security systems protect casino money very thoroughly. At the same time, there appeared more other ways to cheat casinos. Some of them are working, others – not. And only you can decide whether to use it or not. But keep in mind that understanding live roulette is essential if you want to win big.