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Online Craps Strategy - How to Win Craps

If you love craps, then you will of course want to learn about how to win craps and improve your game by using the best strategies. Some people who are not well used to craps end up being freaked out by the seemingly endless betting combinations and rules as well as the large table that looks intimidating to many. One of the best online craps strategies is following the rule of thumbs when it comes to when to pass and when you shouldn’t. First put your smallest amount on ‘don’t come’ or ‘don’t pass’ and put your large amount behind. This is because of the simple fact that the house has its edge on don’t come/ don’t pass bets while the advantage of a craps player lies on odds bet.

While the house edge also lies on the come line and pass line, the player also has an edge on odds portion of bets. The next strategy that can grab you a win is placing six or eight which applies while you are playing craps in multiples of 6, in your preferred currency. Placing six or eight can boost your chances of winning a bet because the casino will only have 1.52 percent edge. This simply means that you are going to win 7 coins every time the number hits. To loose in craps, just place six or eight. This virtually foolproof tip is extremely easy and self explanatory to some extent. If you place a bet of 5 coins on the table, just announce 8 or 6 to loose. If seven, which has a high frequency number, shows, shows you will win 4 coins as the house only has an edge of just 1.82%.

Another strategy you can capitalize on to win craps is to lay against 4 or 10. This strategy works exactly the same way as placing 6 or 8 bet to lose only that there are much higher payouts. In this regard, just take the approach which appears to be more optimistic by placing 41 at the crap table and then lay against 4 or 10. Incase you are lucky and you happen to won, you will get a payout of $20 which is quite awesome. Another great strategy you can capitalize on is to place five or nine for you to lose.

Just like in other games, craps is not different in the sense that you only win more if you risk more. You will never get another way round about this fact. However, you must be a smart player and don’t go placing large bets with your bank roll. The best thing is to let your wagers remain as small as possible until you earn more winnings and become more confident with yourself. At the start, wager your money cautiously and after you win, then bet two units in the round. If you win again, feel confident to risk three units and if you win again, risk five units and continue like that.